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The journey begins.

National phase entry is just the beginning. 
Flux IP is your partner for the road ahead.

We start with highly competitive rates for national phase entry.  That's Step 1 on the diagram at left.


After national phase entry your patent application is examined in every country that you elect.  We stay with you through the examination process (Step 2) to ensure the cost savings continue.

We use our decades of experience to limit fees for examination, renewals and European validation.  Our long experience in dealing with patent examiners in all major jurisdictions ensures that you have the best possible chance of grant.

Importantly, your case will be handled by a team of registered patent attorneys from beginning to end.

PCT Application
National Patent Applications

national phase entry

national examination

Granted Patents
National Phase Entry
National Examination
Step 1
Step 2

Tell us your PCT number, and the countries in which you are considering seeking patent protection. We review your PCT application and give you a guaranteed and all inclusive fixed price for national phase entry for each country.  There's no double-talk and no disclaimers.

If you wish to proceed with Flux IP, we send a quick note to thank your current patent attorney firm for their previous work, and then assume responsibility for your national phase entry of your PCT application.

We coordinate all paperwork, claim amendments (if necessary) and payments to foreign attorneys and patent offices, and when done report national phase entry to you in the normal manner.


Like any other attorney firm we enter each national patent application into our docketing system and continue working with you through the examination process to progress your patent to grant in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Unlike other attorney firms, Flux IP does not receive incoming work from foreign attorneys.  We are fearless in seeking the best possible terms from the foreign attorneys we instruct for national phase and examination of your patent.

We suggest you start with the following:

United States          (US)

Europe*                   (EP) 

China                       (CN)

Canada                    (CA)

Australia                  (AU)

India                         (IN)

*Click here to see countires covered by a European patent application.

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