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Flux IP is a better way forward


Our business is the delivery of world class services for patent applicants of all types, including sole inventors, small corporates, universities, and large corporate clients. 


We are a highly cost-effective alternative to your current patent attorney for advancing your PCT patent application into the national phase.


Through this website, we aim to educate visitors about the patent system and cut through the "smoke and mirrors" that often surround the patenting process.  We hope that you will be empowered to make smart business decisions about the future of your patent portfolio, and to take control of costs as a result of your visit today.


As a first step in controlling your patenting costs, I encourage you to ask a question or request a free quote for national phase entry of your PCT patent application.  Just click one of the buttons to your right.


Flux IP in conjunction with our network of foreign attorneys look forward to assisting you.  




Steven Borovec;

B.Sc. (Hons); PhD; Grad Dip Law (IP); FIPTA

Patent Attorney and Executive Director

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