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Selecting countires for national phase entry

Many clients struggle with the question of which countries should be selected in a national phase entry strategy. 


It is important to understand that a patent should be sought in any country where you wish to prevent another party from manufacturing, selling or importing your product.  This analysis normally leads to the identification of many countries, and the subsequent culling of most due to cost considerations.


Clients who use Flux IP are freed from many of the hard decisions because of our cost-effective approach to national phase entry.  


It is common that a client will be keen to seek protection in China or Japan, but are put off by the considerable costs in preparing a translation of their patent application.


Many patent applicants are aware of the commercial value of protection in the emerging markets of India and Brazil, but are unable to pursue these countires because of the high costs they must pay for Europe and the United States. 


The good news is that many of these tough decisions are simply unecessary when Flux IP is your national phase entry provider. 


Remember: opportunity doesn't knock twice. If you decide not to enter the national phase in an important country, your rights are lost. 


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