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Keeping costs low

Many of our clients ask us how we are able to perform national phase entry at a cost significantly lower than their current attorney.  We often hear "it's just too good to be true!" 


The first thing to understand is that national phase entry is basically procedural, and does not require a large amout of attorney time.  Of course, all paperwork must be prepared and filed correctly but ultimately, in our opinion, the fees typically charged are not commensurate with the work involved.


Why then, isn't there already discounting of national phase entry services?  The answer is possibly because there is little incentive for attorneys to do so. 


Many patent attorney firms have established relationships with attorneys in other countries.  For example, your current attorney may send national phase entry work (including yours) to a firm in Japan with whom they have a relationship.  When the Japanese firm has a client who wishes to enter the national phase in your country, they will send the work to your current attorney.  This is known in the business as "reciprocity", and with such relationships in place there is little incentive for either attorney to seek a discount on behalf of their client.


Flux IP does not enter into reciprocal business relationships with any other patent attorney firm.  We are therefore in a position to actively seek discounts from the foreign attorneys in the Flux IP network.  We pass these discounts directly to our clients. 


The foreign attorneys in the Flux IP network benefit by receiving high volumes of work from us, and you receive a more realistic price. 


We have also negotiated significant volume discounts from expert patent translation firms.  This can lead to dramatic cost reductions for national phase entry in countries such as China, Japan, Brazil and Mexico where it is necessary to translate a patent application into the local language.


You owe it to your business to use Flux IP.  Take control and click a button on the right to start the process.

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